COVID-19 Response

Always Safe —- A Cultural Belief in Action

Here at MegaMex Foods, one of our six Cultural Beliefs is Always Safe – I provide safe products while promoting a safe environment. This has never been more relevant as we navigate the waters of this international pandemic. We continue work proactively with the safety of our food products and our 3,000 plus team members top of mind.

At each of our locations, the well-being of our team members is of the highest concern. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak took hold of the world, our response has been centered around keeping our team safe. 

In addition to our high level of cleaning and sanitizing as part of routine operations, we have implemented further enhanced sanitization procedures in all high traffic and high touch areas including break areas. Both social distancing practices and enhanced cleaning practices were swiftly put in place and continue today.  

Examples of daily enhancements include: 

  • Required PPE including facemasks and face shields 
  • Addition of plexiglass dividers at all work stations which require need to work within six feet 
  • Staggered start times and break times in high traffic and high touch areas
  • Addition of alternative break area tents to our facility to allow for more spacing for breaks and lunches
  • Implementation of additional hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility
  • Additional staff for enhanced cleaning in break areas and offices
  • Implementation of  temperature screening for all plant employees
  • Added onsite medical personnel to answer questions and concerns
  • Weekly updates and town hall online calls from executive staff

Giving back to our communities and the restaurant industry has also been key to our COVID-19 response. MegaMex Foods has pledged $100,000 in cash and product donations for hunger relief and support. In addition to PPE and health screenings for our production team members, our team members have received additional bonuses and support during this time in recognition of their dedication and hard work. 

Together, we will get through this difficult time. Even with the difficulties, our employees are finding opportunities to work together, find efficiencies and learn new ways of getting the job done. To our each of our team members, we thank you. You are the life of this organization. We are Juntos. Una Familia.